Hiring Information

The Nebraska Theatre Caravan is now hiring actors, technicians and musicians for it's 40th season of A Christmas Carol. Each company consists of 23 performers, 4 musicians, 6-7 technicians, a stage manager, and a production road manager. While on tour, per diem and all transportation and accommodations are provided.


The rehearsal period for the tours are held in Omaha, Nebraska at the Omaha Community Playhouse, beginning at the end of October/early November with the tour departing late November. 


While under contract in Omaha, the Caravan provides housing and transportation to and from rehearsal. Transportation to and from the beginning and end of the contracts are the responsibilty of the company member.



Contact Kate Whitecotton, Company Manager


402-553-4890 x 135





Auditions will be held at the UPTA and SETC conferences. To learn more, please contact kwhitecotton@omahaplayhouse.com


If requested for audition materials, please prepare the following:

One song (Musical Theatre)

One Classical Monologue


If you consider yourself a dancer:

One Ballet Routine (males)


Please bring your headshot and resume to UPTA and/or SETC, or send directly to kwhitecotton@omahaplayhouse.com


Salary: $360-$400/wk. Per Diem: $210/wk




Music Director/Pianist


Teach vocals to the cast

Accompany rehearsals while in Omaha

Mainstain musical aspects of the production(s)

Oversee musicians

Daily vocal Warm-Ups

Music notes to company as needed

Other related duties as assigned


Salary range: $450-$500/wk. Per Diem: $210/wk


Other Musicians


Instrumentation for the National Tour of A Christmas Carol include the following:


French Horn




Maintain integrity of performance

Adjust performance as instructed by the Music Director

Other related duties as assigned


Salary range: $350-$400/wk. Per Diem: $210/wk


Contract Dates


Rehearsals for Musical Director begin early November

Rehearsals for Musicians begin mid-November

Tour Departs Late-November and runs 4 - 6 weeks


Audition requirements


If requested for auditoin materials, send a YouTube or audio file to 


-Two songs: one upbeat, one more solace

-Please do not send pre-recorded performances or recitals





Touring Road Manager


Manage company and production while on tour

Assist with hotel reservations prior to tour

Plan trip routing with bus, truck drivers

Manage company funds

Serve as a liason to Theatre sponsors and hotels

Prepare information form company members included a detailed road schedule

Assist Stage Manager and Technical Director in maintaining quality of performances


Salary Range: $600/wk. Per Diem: $210/wk


Touring Technical Director


Manage technical staff and production while on tour

Oversee refurbishing of scenery and upkeep of set while on tour

Call ahead for technical information from venues

Work with Road Manager to set a load in schedule for venues

Adapt technical elements to each venue

Oversee load in and load out

Manage company funds for technical supplies, travel expenses, etc.


Salary Range: $700/wk. Per Diem: $210/wk


Touring Assistant Technical Director


Assist loading/unloading of truck

Assist backstage during the run of the show

Provide general assistace in all technical areas


Salary Ranges: $425/wk. Per Diem: $210/wk


Touring Stage Manager


Run all rehearsals in Omaha

Run/Call the show in each venue on tour

Assist in loading/unloading truck and set up/strike

Assist TD in assessing space requirements at each venue and adapt staging as needed

Maintain integrity of the performance

Assist in load in/out and maintenance of props

Instruct house on sound and pit set up


Salary Range: $575/wk. Per Diem: $210/wk


Touring Lighting Director


Call ahead to venues for lighting specifications

Interpret original lighting design and adapt to each venue

Oversee local crew for focus at each venue

Program and operate light board for the show

Assist TD with other duties as directed


Salary Range: $575/wk. Per Diem: $210/wk


Touring Lead Costumer


Responsible for pulling costumes from exisiting wardrobe to remount show for tour

Responsible for assisting design staff with fittings and alterations

Responsible for loading/unloading costumes

Maintenance, repair, and laundry of all costumes and wigs

Set up dressing areas

Run quick changes

Assist in dressing when necessary


Salary Range: $450/wk. Per Diem: $210/wk


Touring Sound Techncian


Assist loading/unloading of truck and set-up/strike

Provide general assistance in all technical areas

Work with venue audio equipment and teck

Audio playback and wireless microphone reinforcement during the performance

Run the audio for each performance


Salary Range: $500/wk. Per Diem: $210/wk


Touring General Technician


Assist loading/unloading of truck

As as one of two special effects operators moving Scrooge's bed.

*Due to bed dimensions, height/weight restrictions may apply*

Assist in maintaining set

Assist crew as needed with setting of stage

Assist in running crew as needed


Salary Range: $400/wk. Per Diem: $210/wk


Touring Chaperone/Child Wrangler


Oversee the children during rehearsals and tech

Oversee the children 24/7 while on tour

Enforce rules set by the company

Enforce rules set by child's parent/guardian

Serve as a tutor, as needed

Responsible for making sure children are on time for rehearsal, performance and show calls

Other duties as assigned backstage


Salary Range: $325/wk. Per Diem: $210/wk